Best Bootleg From The Cure 2012

Hello, just a little blog for all cure fans.
Here you don't find any audience recording (it kill my ears), only SOUNDBOARD in 320k !
This is not just a simple recording from the live webcast, many works have required to have the best sound and corrected live problems.
I do my best only for you !

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Optimus Alive 14.07.2012

UPDATE (complete webcast available now!)
Lunatic webcast (but great sound), so i complete my recording with FM version from Circle ( Thanks you so much !
Thanks to Exploding cure for Wrong Number :)

This is the best version for now (72 minutes) :

Plainsong, Pictures Of You, Lullaby, High, The End Of The World, Lovesong, Mint Car, Push, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Trust, Want, The Hungry Ghost, Wrong Number.

Is It Always Like This ?


  1. hi , i needa favour of you, maybe you have the webcast from the cure in optimus alive , i need the original file video from the webcast i made a dvd project for all fans and share and cureconnections ( its a mix dvd with all curesummer 2012)
    if you have you could send me an email please?
    my email is
    very very thanks in advance

    1. Hi, i have original FLV in 4 files with some cut.
      I make a archive, upload it and give you links in some hours (~650Mo).

  2. oh that would be a great project Exploding Cure.
    And thank Secam for your great job!!!!!!

  3. Ok, i don't cut anything, so the first files have many clips/promo before the band start.
    If someone want to cut all tracks to put on youtube, you can (i have no time for this). Alive.rar

  4. I wanted an original file, too...

  5. very thanks secam!!, a question lovesong its only 1 minute?
    you have the bilbao webcast too?
    very thanks

  6. yep, sorry for lovesong :/
    i have deleted all webcast from my HD...
    I try to add a video link for the next concerts.

  7. hello secamfr this is wrong number complete :
    please if you could recording the webcast today and the show of friday dont delete, iminterested in this videos, very thanks

  8. Thanks you very much Exploding cure !
    Sound is a little compress but now it's complete !
    Tonight i'm recording the webcast and i put a link for the video too (certainly tomorrow for the video, time to up).
    Same thing for Vieilles Charrues ! (maybe a MPEG2 if i record it on TV...)

  9. this is boys dont cry acoustic from bilbao soundboard:

  10. Awesome! Where did you find this ? it sound great !
    Maybe more songs to come ? ;)

  11. i download from a spanish web video flv, a question you who software use to recording webcast video?, im tryin with aprox 10 software and anyone found, the best its reply media catcher but dont have the number serial, and the demo its a shit

  12. I use Tube Digger :

  13. please if you download the paleo webstream dont delete the flv original file, im interested in this file, thanks

  14. no sorry, my recording don't work, tube digger always quit !
    i have a .wav file with some cut but not bad.
    if you find it the flc original, leave a link here, thanks !

  15. original FLV available on chain of flowers !